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My latest news

The sets of nine no avoid the hot coals of premature ejaculation

The sets of nine is a very effective exercise to avoid the ejaculation urge that man with problems have in the first seconds of a sexual encounter. The mechanism behind it is relatively easy. We are programmed as man to ejaculate fast and key to this exercise as deeply as possible inside the vagina. This […]

Full body sexual arousal-delayed ejaculation in 5 ways

Today’s post is about one common misconception about sexual arousal and that is the fact that arousal is all about the genitals. One thing is true the fact that essentially arousal is felt mostly in the genital area and this because the nervous system and reproductive system are intricately connected and perfected by mother nature […]

3 behaviours to get women arroused and have more sex

Few people understand today the way to unlock the path to receiving sexual gratification from women. It really boils down to one thing only and this thing is arousal. Arousal is traditionally unidimensional for men, mostly undeniably visual but, for women it has different implications. This is not something that they can control, because it […]

3 simple exercises for penis lengthening, firm erection and ejaculation control

Hey guys I hit you up this week with some simple, but highly effective exercises that will make a difference when it all matters. Number one is for increasing the length of your pens and goes like this: We massage the penis with the right hand fingers, always from base to head, imitating milking movement; In […]

The crow jumps to our help to contain premature ejaculation

We go again to the animal world to get some inspiration, this time from a bird deemed stupid by Aesop because it lost the cheese to the fox. Yes the crow might be stupid in that wisdom tale but it definitely has a lot of things going for itself. Today I plunge in a breathing […]