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My latest news

Best ever Russian MILF ever ends up in my bed

I go out about 5pm talking with some girls joined by a friend of mine. I’m kinda bored, Alex my buddy goes home at 8.I stay on the streets chat here and there and come back at 22 when i get a text from a venezuelan girl that she’s in a square near by smoking […]

Model outta my league gets to know my sexual prowness

I was just going home out of a Netto when I see 2 young girls, one particularly tall one with strawberry hair coming my way. I use my vocal projection to stop them 5 meters before they reach me saying to the tall girl ”is this your natural hair color” and keeping a steady eye […]

Social anxiety in interactions with women and how to delay ejaculation metaphysically

Social anxiety is at its utmost peak for a man when he interacts with a women he doesn’t know. This in unfamiliar circumstances like the street or a supermarket for example. Our psychology is deeply rooted in evolutionary reflexes so when we talk with a women we don’t know in an unfamiliar territory our brain […]

Hot night with a waitress

Approach lots of girls, build good momentum after 1hr. Get plenty of nrs,it’s my last day in this town.I walk down the street, chatting with a girl, when i get this huge stare from a hot blondie, which literally bursts into laughter soon after i pass. I walk a bit more with the initial girl, […]

Small penis?Interviews with hot girls

Hey guys, George here today I’m wandering the streets of a european city trying to hit on girls saying I have a small penis!! It’s amazing how well girls react to this! Fuck having a small penis doesn’t matter I got several phone numbers from hot girls and I had quite some fun with two […]