Check up the video in which I explain the biodynamics of the free exercise that will radically improve the fun times between the sheets.

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One Norwegian legend has the answer for a rock hard penis

Hi guys, So today we go back in time about 1000 years ago, when man and women had enough time to sit around and do nothing. Well not actually nothing and this man Haakon Harfaggerson, a Norwegian hunter and Casanova was training his penis like an Olympian for sexual marathons. His technique was rather simple and […]


Hi guys, In Bangkok Thailand I meet a hardcore fan and in I announce my newest program DAYGAME BY GEORGE!! This is the complete program to pickup girls during the day and is a perfect integration with the SEXUAL MASTER PROGRAM. The thing is you wanna be a sex master- yes you can like Obama […]

Develop a romantic connection with a girl in less then 1hr45min!!!

Here’s me in the birthplace of Thai massage Southern style, the idyllic Wat Po monastery talking about the mental and emotional state that one(man) needs to have in order to harness a romantic connection or why not a sexual arrousing energy in the women that you interact with. For more about sexual energy and picking […]

Get sex with women fast-SPECIAL INTERVIEW!!!

Hey man, Here’s me in a whirling, roaring tuk tuk ride on some rather smelly Bangkok streets where one of my fans snached an interview from me Here it is It’s about my humble beginnings with picking up women and and my odyssey towards stellar success. Check up www.sexual-master.com for more stories Yours George

Chinese bedroom arts principles and a story of Mao

At the Great Wall of China i launch myself in some discussion of the fundamental principle of the secret Taoist sexual practices plus I touch on some stories about Mao. For more stuff check up my program at http://www.sexual-master.com/program Yours George