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My latest news

Christmas with 3 swedish girls(with infield video!!)

So I’m in Copenhagen watching from my window the deserted streets of a otherwise nice city. Last 4 weeks have been a relatively dry spell with few opportunities to meet new girls but some girls I already know did swing by.  Suddenly I see a hot girl down the street I have a struck of […]

Jenga Boom helps you get girls

Jenga Boom helps you get girls I recently bought this game Jenga Boom. Gotta tel you awesome name for a game because it involves everything you want when implying an afterparty after you meet a girl in a club or even taking a girl home for after a date. I want to give you here […]

Use porn to turbo charge your sex life!

Greetings my fellow man I gonna share with you a story that will surprise you! When I was younger in highschool i use to watch a lot of porn everyday and by a lot I mean a lot! About 3hr everyday.We all know how this finishes you usually masturbate when you watch porn. Needless to […]

Best ever Russian MILF ever ends up in my bed

I go out about 5pm talking with some girls joined by a friend of mine. I’m kinda bored, Alex my buddy goes home at 8.I stay on the streets chat here and there and come back at 22 when i get a text from a venezuelan girl that she’s in a square near by smoking […]

Model outta my league gets to know my sexual prowness

I was just going home out of a Netto when I see 2 young girls, one particularly tall one with strawberry hair coming my way. I use my vocal projection to stop them 5 meters before they reach me saying to the tall girl ”is this your natural hair color” and keeping a steady eye […]